FREE Resources

You have support in your healing journey. Here is a random collection of FREE resources for further guidance:

A Special Message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama March 30, 2020 (COVID-19 Response).

“it is natural to feel anxiety and fear. Nevertheless, I take great solace in the following wise advice to examine the problems before us: If there is something to be done—do it, without any need to worry; if there’s nothing to be done, worrying about it further will not help.”

Easy for him to say….Here is further guidance from Depak Chopra’s Team: Balancing Your Dosha During COVID-19 (includes Dosha Quiz, which is nice to update time to time, as our tendencies fluctuate over seasons).

FREE Guided Meditations from Carolyn McManus PT.
Includes four, 10 minute practices. Click below to download:

Progressive Relaxation | Mindfulness Meditation
Relaxation Body Scan | Loving Kindness Meditation

FREE Mindfulness Meditation Apps:

Stop, Breathe, and Think App
Smiling Mind App (good for kids and teens!)

2 Minute Video Clip from Michael Reed Gach PhD

Acupressure points for peace of mind

Understanding Pain Educational Videos

Neuroplasticity – Changing chronic / persistent pain
Tame The Beast — It’s time to rethink persistent pain
Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it!

Healthy Diet

Eating with Mental Health in Mind
University of Wisconsin’s Anti-inflammatory Diet

For the Family:

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness:

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Go Noodle (I honestly haven’t vetted this for cost yet, but my son’s teacher put it on a lesson plan we haven’t caught up to yet…)

FREE from the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation
5 Minute Breath Awareness Meditation-Downloadable


Wishing you comfort, love, and heart-felt support during this time.
-The Body Temple PT and Family