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Liz, our Physical Therapist, wrote a book distilling her treatment secrets. It is great for clients and practitioners alike, purchase it here:

Cultivating A Sustainable Core

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Support your at-home practice by creating a sacred space with physical props to encourage regular physical and mental self-care practices. Balls, Straps, Balance Boards, Massage Tools, Yoga Gear and Pilates Equipment… your mini-gym is what keeps you stretched, flexed, and healthy between visits to the Body Temple Studio, at Home! Once we create your exercise plan, you can purchase the necessary tools through our Amazon Links – currently under reconstruction. Meanwhile, check out all our other affiliates: Aletha Health, TRX, Bandha Yoga, Living Well, and CMT Medical) for easy, one-stop shopping. As Influencers, Affiliates, and  Amazon Associates, we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you! Please read further disclaimers below.

The Range (formerly known as the NUCKLE) from Aletha Health
Please check out these amazing mobilization tools developed by a fellow local Physical Therapist! Use coupon code BODYTEMPLE to receive 10% off!

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