Support your at-home practice by creating a sacred space with physical props to encourage regular physical and mental self-care practices. Balls, Straps, Balance Boards, Massage Tools, Yoga Gear and Pilates Equipment… your mini-gym is what keeps you stretched, flexed, and healthy between visits to the Body Temple Studio, at Home! Once we create your exercise plan, you can purchase the necessary tools through our Amazon Links (scroll down),  or affiliates: TRX, Bandha Yoga, and CMT Medical, for easy, one-stop shopping.

For pregnancy, orthopedic, and pelvic floor help tools, check out our affiliate, CMT Medical.

Exercise Balls
Please be sure to read our Exercise Ball Size Guide to ensure that you purchase the correct ball.

55 cm Ball

65 cm Ball

75 cm Ball

Yoga and Pilates Equipment

Cork Yoga Blocks

Yoga Bolster

Foam Yoga Blocks

1/4 inch Thick Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Yoga Mexican Blankets
(50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton)

Yoga Wedge

Organic Yoga Strap

Yoga Blankets (Wool)


Theraband Set

Foam Rolls

Foam Roller: Soft Density

Foam Roller: Medium Density 6-inch diameter, 36-inch length

Foam Roller: Hard Density

Mobilization and Stretching Tools

Foot Spiky Ball (Good for Plantar Fasciitis Relief)

Yoga Toes

5-inch Self Massage Ball

The Stick Roller- Good for Massaging Calves and Hamstrings


Neck Massage Tool



The Neck Massager

Basic Cupping Set


The Back Massager

Sacro-wedgy: Female

Sacro-wedgy: Male

Essential Oil Diffuser

Arm Aid Forearm Massage Tool
Balance Boards and Discs


Wooden Wobble Board

Collapsable Walking Sticks

Wobble Cushion
Pregnancy and Nursing Support

SI-LOC Maternity Belt

Sleeping and Nursing Wedge
Ergonomic Aids

Lap Top Stand

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Standing Desk Mount


Large Seat Cushion

Desk Ball Chair

Foam Coccyx Cushion


Layne Redmond Chanting the Chakras

Tibetan Bowls
Books and DVDs

Jane Austin’s Prenatal Yoga DVD

An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living

Anatomy Trains

Medical Therapeutic Yoga by Ginger Garner PT

Yoga Anatomy Resources from our affiliate, BandhaYoga:

The Key Poses of Yoga

The Key Muscles of YogaAnatomy for Vinyasa Flow and Standing Poses



TRX Suspension Training and Gear
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