In-Person Session Information

Due to the continuing COVID-19 outbreak and its spreading variants, we have made several modifications to our in-person sessions.

1. You must pass the health screen prior to each in-person session.

We need you to fill out our symptom and exposure screen prior to each session. The link is included in your 48-hour courtesy email from FullSlate.

Link to Health Screen

2. PrePayment is Now Due 24 hours before your appointment.

Touch-less-pre-payment is now required for all in-person sessions. No exceptions. No cash/check discount. (New clients pay to book). For your convenience, established clients may pre-pay anytime through the button link below. Our firm 24-hour cancel rule is in effect. If you do not cancel your session with 24 hours notice or more, you will be charged the full rate of the service (Due to rising costs in rent and PPE, new rates effective 11/1/22: $294 evaluation; followups $195). This includes cancellations which are due to you, or someone in your household or social pod, becoming ill or not successfully passing our COVID-19 health screen prior to, or at the time of, our session.

Pay for In-Person Follow Up Session – ↗️ SQUARE-UP

Pay for In-Person Follow Up Session – ↗️ STRIPE

3. We’ve Moved!

On your appointment day your session will take place at our

New Temescal Location:

Body Temple PT and Yoga
403 49th Street
Suite B
Oakland, CA 94609

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DOOR CODE is 1984

At your appointment time:

  • Please arrive wearing a face mask.
  • Try the door. If the door is locked, the door code is 1984 (think Orwell).
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds upon entry.

After washing your hands, check the door to suite B. If the sign says “open”, come on in! If the sign says “will return” at your appointment time, then please have a seat in the waiting room. Liz will call you in her room when she’s ready.

Please arrive to our sessions prepared, wearing fitness clothes, and be ready to move. If you are seeing us for foot, ankle, or knee treatment, please wear shorts. If you are being seen in-person for spine or pelvis issues, please wear or bring pants or shorts with an elastic or draw-string waist-band. Review our frequently asked questions page for more information:

We will also wear a mask and gloves and adhere to CDC’s sanitation standards. We have HEPA air filters in every room and an HVAC system in the building running at all times. Prior to treatment we will take your temperature and go over your health screen.

4. Finally, is this is your first in-person followup session in the new location?

 If your initial evaluation was prior to the COVID outbreak, in Liz’s home studio, then please print out this form once and bring it with you.

Inform us immediately if you feel ill or develop a fever.

Text Liz (only on appointment days for emergencies) 510-708-8703

Many thanks and healthy wishes,

We all benefit from your cooperation to keep us heathy.